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LebensGroß is a living movement. We meet each other at eye level and stand together for social fairness and participation in an open society. LebensGroß is a non-profit organisation and a reliable partner for accompanying socially disadvantaged people and people with disabilities in all areas of life. We accompany and support people with disabilities according to the principal “Live like everyone else”. Our aim is to provide opportunities for people with and without disabilities to build a self-determined and fulfilled life in society. Thus, LebensGroß offers various services like early childhood intervention, school and kindergarten assistance, family support (relief service), living and housing (full-time, part-time, community integrated housing and living arrangements for older people with disabilities), working and daytime offers (workshops, integrated enterprises, day-care centres, support in vocational education…), as well as counselling and advice centres. Presently, about 3.500 people with and without disabilities benefit from LebensGroß services and approximately 1200 employees and 100 volunteers are overall involved. LebensGroß has already 60 years of experience in working with people with disabilities and their families.

Furthermore, we are experts in inclusive adult education and the conception of curricula and manuals. Our focus on project work, especially European project cooperation, makes our wide range of services even more diverse.

Town: Graz
Country: Austria
Project contact person: Johanna Ilkow


agado – Association for Sustainable Development is focussing on education for sustainable development in Germany. Via projects, campaigns and events, agado aims at empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably. We inform about causes and background of global challenges and develop practical approaches for individual and societal actions.

Key activities include

  • designing and implementing educational material
  • carrying out environmental staff awareness trainings and behaviour change programmes for adult learners in companies and public authorities
  • running campaigns on environmental topics and behaviour change for schools and students
  • supporting local authorities and public institutions on the integration of social and environmental criteria into public procurement

Thematically, agado developed expert knowledge in food, water, biodiversity, energy and mobility with a focus on social and environmental aspects. A specific expertise lies in sustainable procurement and sustainable consumption.

With its activities, agado wants to acknowledge our responsibility for globally sustainable development and thus contribute to shaping a fair globalisation via education.

agado was founded in 2010 by experts who had been working in the field of sustainable development and have delivered educational projects for more than 10 years. During the last years, agado has been carrying out trainings and workshops for more than 100 organisations, public authorities and companies of various sizes and sectors.

agado is the German member of Global Action Plan international, a leading institution on behaviour change designing educational and empowerment campaigns for various target groups.

Town: Munich
Country: Germany
Project contact person: Vivien Führ

A.R.T. Fusion

A.R.T. Fusion is a youth organization that offers a realistic perspective over the struggling problems of our Romanian and global society nowadays. We want to change the attitudes of the people in our global community, together with other society members, to help find solutions to the problems that the community is facing.

A.R.T. Fusion’s mission is to create social change by encouraging members of the community to take responsibility. A.R.T. Fusion’s activity is focused on two dimensions: social responsibility and global responsibility.  The methodology that we use includes participative arts methods, living library, street campaigning and global education.

ART Fusion’s vision is a world where each of us is aware of their role in society at a global level and brings a contribution to the community they want to live in.

At national level, A.R.T. Fusion works with different vulnerable groups (Roma people, prisoners, refugees, institutionalised youth, LGBTQ+ groups, poor and excluded young people, etc.), general population as well as professionals working in different sectors with diverse groups using non-formal educational methods (Theatre of the Oppressed methods, Street campaigning, Human Rights and Global Education etc). These methods aim to empower oppressed groups as well as create awareness of other members of the communities about various social and global problems.

Since 2010, we have developed, with the support of external experts and long term collaborators, educational materials, manuals on street campaigning, theatre of the oppressed methods, global education, living library and sensitivity learning.

City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Project contact person: Andreea Georgiana Oglagea

Center of Social Services Sibirka

The Center of Social Services Sibirka in Bratislava with residential form has 38 adults in age 18-65 with multiple disabilities .The one part of social service is a lifelong learning in the social sphere where we support the indenpendence of people with disabilities in self-care, and with basic social activities in cooperation with the community. In the field of work we support the development of work habits and the provision of opportunities for the development of interest activities with elements of artetherapy, musictherapy, dramatherapy. Sport activity – boccia .

In cognitive sphere within alternative communication , we work on expressing, recognizing, perceiving time and working with memory.

Town: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Project contact person:
Katarína Ivančíková