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EFDI Curriculum

The Curriculum addresses all target groups in terms of ecological knowledge and has a special focus on the needs of people with intellectual and/or complex disabilities. The curriculum covers the topics: Climate, Food, Mobility, Consumption, Biodiversity. It contains a collection of methods and serves as a curriculum for inclusive work.

Additional material EFDI Curriculum

EFDI Guidelines for Community Experiences

The Guidelines for Community Experiences offer a didactical framework in order to work on ecological topics based on experiences and studies in the community. The bridges between people with disabilities and communities that are built in this way enable to learn and understand ecological or sustainable processes. People with intellectual disabilities and/or complex disabilities learn for example about recycling organisations, eco-tourism, local food productions, swap shops.

EFDI Campaigning Set

The Campaigning Set empowers people with intellectual disabilities to launch campaigns for a better ecological future in order to engage as active problem solvers. Therefore it creates opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to get active, be heard, and participate in democratic life. Ideas and materials for campaigning are developed with practical suggestions for the diverse target groups.

This film was created as part of the EU project EFDI during an inclusive, multi-day campaign workshop in Bucharest, Romania in June 2023. 18 people from 4 countries learnt in theory and practice how to carry out campaigns and jointly implemented a postcard campaign in Bucharest:

EFDI Multisensory Art Book and Toolbox

The Multisensory Art Book and Toolbox provides a sensory-orientated learning edition for the topics of ecology and climate protection. It enables people with intellectual and/or complex disabilities to learn and understand on an emotional and sensory based level. In this way they develop and deepen their individual ecological skills and competencies. A toolbox will complete the range of multisensory materials. It provides instructions and examples for props, activities and other supportive learning opportunities.