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About EFDI

Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive

Blick vom Waldboden aus Richtung Himmel durch Bäume

The EFDI project – Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive – aims to make knowledge, skills and opportunities for participation on the topics of climate protection and sustainability easily accessible for people with intellectual and/ or complex disabilities.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities establishes the right of persons with disabilities to education. An inclusive education system and lifelong learning should be guaranteed at all levels.

Yet even today, adults with intellectual disabilities and/ or complex disabilities have few opportunities to acquire comprehensive knowledge on the topics of climate protection and sustainability. One reason for this is the lack of suitable educational materials and barrier-free accessible information.

In order to actively create a sustainable future, people need competence and knowledge about processes and interrelationships in climate protection, as well as opportunities to actively engage in the topic.

In the EFDI project, tailor-made offers for people with intellectual and/ or complex disabilities as well as inclusive educational materials are developed, which contribute to a growing awareness of climate protection and the environment and an ecologically conscious lifestyle.

The different needs of adult learners are specifically addressed through different learning designs (easy-to-understand language; multi-sensory activities; visual materials).

People with intellectual disabilities are involved in the elaboration and development of the project results. Their know-how is of great value to the project.

The EFDI project aims to take a further step towards inclusive education at EU level and to make an important contribution to the empowerment of people with intellectual and/ or complex disabilities.

Within the framework of this project, the partnership aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • raise awareness of climate change and the environment
  • contribute to an ecologically conscious lifestyle
  • promote self-empowerment through campaigns and initiatives
  • benefit many people who need easy-to-understand language or alternative learning methods
  • encourage civil society organisations to contribute to the fight against climate change and for a healthy planet.

Target groups

The users in the project are a very diverse group.

  • People with intellectual and/or complex disabilities
  • Staff working with people with intellectual disabilities: carers, social workers, trainers
  • Staff from NGOs: teachers, trainers, social workers
  • People with special educational needs
  • Civil Society and communities

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